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09-Jul-2017 03:50

You did.’RJ was born two minutes before his twin sister Ryan. ‘Cow, cow,’ he would say, pointing his fat fingers at the picture. ‘Something’s going on with RJ.’ And he said, ‘Maybe he can’t hear. Rodney, like every man who felt helpless when he couldn’t fix things, called again. It taught kids with mild mental retardation, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD. On a bad day he would literally fall down and cry inconsolably. He only ate three things: pizza, French fries, or pasta. I didn’t go because I didn’t want him to be disruptive in church. After trying countless therapies, we settled on something called Floor Time. So Rodney said, ‘If you’re going to bounce the ball, then every five times you bounce it, you have to shoot it.’ We refused to let him bounce aimlessly. At 6 years old, our biggest goal was for him to have a conversation from start to finish. Thankfully his classmates accept him just as he is.

When RJ was 3, I met the administrator of a preschool called Smart Start in Santa Monica where we enrolled RJ. I lean on Jenny Mc Carthy and Tisha Campbell-Martin, who both have autistic sons (Evan, 5 and Xen, 6 1/2). She said, ‘I’m sorry to call you, but…’ and six hours later we were both laughing. RJ went through a phase of repeatedly bouncing a basketball. He struggles valiantly with subjects like math and reading and loves to write.

He had a glazed look in his eyes, like he was a million miles away. Later, when RJ came to my Panthers games, he was unable to grasp that amazing experience. A part of him thinks that I’m hard on him, but there’s that look in his eyes that tells me he craves structure and knows it comes from love. I will never forget that because one day he stopped. He will try any food now: salmon, brussels sprouts, salad.

It broke my heart, and I started crying and trying to will him to play with the other kids. I really wished he was able to: it would have been special for us both. He leaves the athleticism to his younger brother Robinson, who competes with RJ for attention.

His twin sister Ryan is never shy to step in for him. And little Roman is just trying to roll with the big kids.We can only speak for what we will do and even then, we have to be careful of imposing our way of doing things on others in an, fashion.