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For example, condom use didn’t seem to affect the time, and neither did men’s being circumcised or not, which challenges some conventional wisdom regarding penile sensitivity and its relationship to staying power in the sack.It didn’t much matter which country the couples came from either – unless they came from Turkey, in which case their sex tended to be significantly shorter (3.7 minutes) than couples from other countries (Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States).Another surprising finding was that the older the couple, the shorter the sex, contrary to the prevailing wisdom (probably peddled by older men).As an evolutionary researcher, all this talk of how long sex lasts make me wonder: Why does it last any time at all?Nur Premium-Mitglieder können die Webcams der anderen Nutzer sehen.

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What this suggests is that men’s repeated thrusting might function to displace other men’s semen before ejaculating, ensuring their own swimmers have a better chance of reaching the egg first.

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If you’re a non-scientist, you might have once asked yourself, propped against the bedhead after disappointingly quick intercourse, how long does sex "normally" last? To keep things simple and specific, we’ll just focus on the time to ejaculation.

You may note this could affect the mood somewhat, and might perhaps not exactly reflect the natural flow of things.

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1 - Paris, June 26 - 28, 1950, "Aspect fondamental de la pensée babylonienne" and "La fonction cultuelle des ziggurats" Published as Comptes rendus de la première rencontre assyriologique internationale, Leiden (Brill) 1951.… continue reading »

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