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22-Jun-2017 06:46

Now up to you to read the negative ones to see if they are really bad or the buyers were simply ‘stupid’.

btw, I highly recommend Camera Auctions for your purchases.

So, it might be a bit difficult for you to browse the virtual stores without having the slightest idea about what you wanna buy. ” Set the minimum/maximum amount you are ready to spend!

For your first purchase, let’s simplify things, we will be talking about “Buy now” items only, no bidding… IMHO, one of the best features of ebay remains the search engine driving the site. It is useless spending time browsing items which cannot be shipped to Mauritius.

No one wants to deal with a seller with loads of negative feedback.

On the other hand, top rated sellers are the ones usually offering a better service, fast shipping etc…

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Some may even propose to send another item meanwhile or reimburse you. If ever the seller does not revert back to you, e Bay advises you to open a case on the Resolution Center.

In that case, just sign the necessary papers before going away with your parcel.

Now, if your parcel/item is quite bulky/expensive/important, the postmaster will handle you a card, which needs to be shown at the Parcel Office of Port Louis.

I just paid it quietly 😛 Purchases over Rs30,000 – Rs30, 000 (Read this updated post) cannot be cleared out of the customs without hiring the service of a “Customs Broker”, a.k.a “Courtier Maritime”.

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These persons will thus be representing you and carrying out the necessary paper works so that you can get your item out of the customs. So, before confirming your purchase of over Rs30,000 , make sure that you add the custom’s broker fee to the purchase’ total amount. I just called the customs at the central parcels office. For example, you don’t need a customs broker unless your item is valued over Rs30, 000.