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In Canada, the restriction against women's bearing arms on a shield has been abrogated.

Noncombatant clergy also have used the lozenge and the cartouche or an oval for their armorial display.

(Normally the arms of the wife would be impaled with those of the husband a convention known as Baron and Femme).

In similar fashion, one may bear one's own arms inescutcheon en surtout over the territorial arms of his/her domains, such as in the arms of the Danish Royal Family, the greater coat of arms of Sweden, or the arms of the Commonwealth of England 1649-1660.

As women did not go to war, they did not bear a shield.

Instead, their arms were shown on a lozenge — a rhombus standing on one of its acute corners or a cartouche.

The following are the points of the shield used in blazons to describe where a charge should be drawn: 1 - Dexter Chief 2 - Middle Chief 3 - Sinister Chief 4 - Dexter Base 5 - Middle Base 6 - Sinister Base 7 - Honour Point 8- Fess Point 9 - Nombril Point An inescutcheon is a smaller shield that is shown within or superimposed over the main shield.

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In England, Scotland and Ireland, women may, in certain circumstances, display their arms on a shield.The origins of heraldry stretch back into ancient times.

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