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From the start, the channel has emphasized a few common things, Berendsen says.

“In my experience there always needs to be something aspirational about them,” he says.

Duff at that point was a Disney Channel star, thanks to her lead role in the series “Lizzie Mc Guire,” so the movie arrived with a built-in fan base.

Disney Channel would leverage this numerous times thereafter.

“Johnny Tsunami,” later that year, starred Anaheim-born half-Filipino actor Brandon Baker as its surfer-turned-snowboarder hero.

Berendsen‘s first movie for Disney Channel, 2000’s “Up, Up And Away,” featured an African American family of superheroes.

Remember when they would premiere and everyone would look forward to them and then the night they came on, we would all stay in to watch them?

Screenwriter Dan Berendsen has written 11 movies for Disney Channel, but he still sounds a little awed when he considers the scope of the Disney Channel Original Movie franchise over the past 20 years. Of course I would want to do another,” Gecowets says.

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“They told me to turn around and come back and read.” A few short weeks later, he was on his way to Vancouver, B.

An alien from a faraway planet has made the 'first extraterrestrial contact in the history of mankind' after losing its own home, a bizarre new video claims.

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