Vba subform recordsource not updating

28-Jun-2017 02:11

The following example sets a form's Record Source property to the Customers table: Sub cmbo Company Name_After Update() Dim str New Record As String str New Record = "SELECT * FROM Customers " _ & " WHERE Customer ID = '" _ & Me!

On the main form is a selection of text boxes for the user to enter search filters against and then a command button for them to execute the search and another command button for them to empty/reset the search text boxes.

I have a mainform in access with a subform (continous form mode).

The subform's source is a query that has a criteria parameter that gets the values from a combobox in mainform.

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The Record Source property setting can be a table name, a query name, or an SQL statement. An SQL statement specifying the Order Date field on the Orders table as the source of data. Some of those include: "This recordset is not updateable." "Operation must use an updateable query." "Recordset is not updateable" (seen in the status bar of a query, form, or datasheet view of a table.) What does this mean? When you try to create a recordset object based on a non-updateable query, the recordset becomes non-updateable.