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I'm working with a dozen people round the world, constantly writing songs.They're just fun songs, crazy songs, sad songs, hope-for-peace songs. I did a concert with a group of musicians two years ago in Slovakia [...] Im doing other things with different bands.

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Many of Anderson's projects do appear to involve a story element, whether they're still music projects or entail a theatrical presentation in some form. One of the things I realised was that all the solo albums that I ever did had nothing to do with Yes; I didn't want to 'pretend' to be Yes, because I don't want to do that.I want to continue to make that kind of Yes music [...] Interviewer: [...] Are you open to the idea of an extensive tour with them [Yes]? That's kind of bizarre to me that they'd say they already had a singer, six months later that singer, probably a lovely guy, couldn't handle the touring [...] Now they have another singer, they didn't call me or ask me if I'd be interested, they just say oh he's sick, which is a lot of rubbish. And there are thousands of people who would like us to get together [...] Rick would have to be in the band. We'd probably do some shows or something, some beautiful new music [...] we could make a movie or something like that, just to honor all the fans.